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Performing Arts

NJ Academy of Music

While classical music is one of the most demanding and challenging art forms,
music enriches our lives and demands a level of self-discipline, attention to detail, and dedication that can enable all of us to achieve artistic excellence and share meaningful self-expression.

At NJAOM, we believe that students of all abilities and levels can be taught to play engaging music through a combination of focused ear training, disciplined practice, and musical education. Through group and private (studio) instruction, students increase self-confidence, gain musical instincts, and learn a true appreciation for music while acquiring performance skills and making musical friendships that will last a lifetime.

NJAOM’s students have been prize winners in regional and national competitions and earned recognized at major international competitions. Our students have also been invited to perform with notable U.S. orchestras and have attended pre-professional music festivals. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments and encourage all of our students to strive to exceed their musical goals.

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